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Want to build a sharpie? Hints, dimensions and other fascinating tidbits from masters Al Tidy, Barry Johnston, Frank Haselgrove and Kevin Wilson are now available.

SA Association Builds Sharpies.

The South Australian Sharpie Association has undertaken to build up to two Sharpies a year from builder Tim Haselgrove. The reasons for doing so are these:

  • We have the best Sharpies ever built being turned out by Tim Haselgrove of Yachtcraft at the moment. A lack of constant work had Tim about to close the doors on Sharpies. We have given him the assured work that he needs. This loss of talent would have been disastrous for the long term future of the class.
  • The lead times for a new owner to get a new Sharpie will be much less than the current six to twelve months as we will always have a boat finished, on the go, or boats scheduled into Tim's work flow.
  • Buying a new boat can be a daunting and expensive task if one doesn't have the necessary skills or contacts to fit out and prepare a race boat from the ground up. By turning out multiple boats, the association intends to offer boats that come in various stages of finish, from bare hull to ready to sail, and hopefully make new boats more accessible to more people.
  • By purchasing, wholesale and in bulk, the association can create new boats that are both of high quality and also as cheap as can be produced by cutting retail margins etc.
  • The current success of the class is based largely around the large number of boats that were built in the 80's and 90's, these boats are still creating great class racing. These boats will not last forever, and if we don't start producing at least two new boats a year, in 10 - 20 years or so we will run out of boats and no longer have a class. We need to have affordable, attainable boats that people want to buy. If that means that providing "ready to sail" Sharpies is one way to achieve this, that is what we need to do.

The Association has its first hull finished, and has fitted all the difficult to fit fittings, under the case, side stay and lower pulleys, front tank turning blocks, etc., and can finish it with a full Harken fit out to the latest winning layouts at a price you unlikely to be able to do it for yourself.

Foils, and rudder box are well underway, and the association has commissioned the next boat to be built for completion with enough time for a potential owner to take it to the next nationals in Melbourne this Christmas.

The SA association hopes to make that process as easy as possible and is now offering Sharpies from $15,200 for a Hull, and around $35,000 for a ready to sail boat with trailer and beach dolly.

The success of our great and enduring class relies on people taking the leap, buying a new boat, and just as importantly handing their old boat on to a new home.

There has never been a better time to buy a new Sharpie and we have one pretty much ready to go. Call me (Snoady) on 0403 303 303 or email me on to get the low down on how you can step up to one of these awesome new generation boats.


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