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Magic of the heavyweight

Lightweight Sharpies heading for England
Two Australian Lightweight Sharpies have headed to England as a trial. The English sail 12 square metre sharpies and two boats from Hobart, Tasmania have gone in a 40 foot container to Norwich England as a trial. The club they are going to sail 12 square metre sharpies, as used in the Melbourne Olympics.

The boats (known in Australia as Get Smart and Sleezy Wine Bars) join at least two others. In 2005 Rob Turton built a sharpie for a sailor named Teddy Maufe in England, which was registered number 913. It featured a yellow hull and mist grey deck. It was packaged in a container with another sharpie on a road trailer (SA863, The Other Woman), as a second boat and guide for modern rigging layouts.

Olympic sharpie

Three Heavy Weight Sharpies (HWS) were at MSC on Saturday 28th February 2015.
Two HWS joined ZENA on Saturday 28th February 2015 for the first leg of the SATBE. It was probably be the first time in at least four or five decades that three HWS have been together at the one club anywhere in Australia.

SELINA was looking on, from the ceiling of the club house with some envy but a lot of joy in seeing her counter-parts in action. So that makes four.

For ZENA - Splash boards were added by Richard Lozell and these were varnished by the weekend 21st February. Dave Williamson was kind enough to replace all the wire rigging on the mast and the two booms were repaired by Richard and Mark Rimmington respectively.

International 12 Square Metre "Sharpie".

Heavyweight Sharpie
Length 6.0m, Beam 1.4m, Sail area 12m2. Built Victoria, circa 1950.
Restored on 90's with new deck and mast.
As new galvanized trailer (manufactured 2011).
Occasional competitor in the Sydney Amateur Sailing Club's Gaffers Regattas since early 1980's. Winner of Division 2 in 2011.

Weather permitting Steve Edwards, Tony Quirke and Stephen Fankhauser (Bowling for Burgers V829) were to sail Heavyweight Sharpie Cheyenne as one of the 3 HWS participating in the Mordialloc SC around the bay event. Stephen says their leg was to be short Mordialloc to Frankston then return to Chelsea YC, or if they got sick of pumping then just Mordialloc SC to Chelsea YC. The start for the event was at Mordialloc SC at 1000 am on Saturday 28th February 2015 at Mordialloc SC.

Not a LWS event but an insight back in history. Find out more here

Australian Sharpie Sailing Association (ASSA) Official Log Book
The ASSA log book lists all the greats of yesteryear and today who have won the various trophies. Some of the names you will recognise as they have gone on to America’s Cup fame and won championships in other classes. 2013-14 version now available.

Sharpie Legends 1936 -2015 - get yourself a copy of this spectacular book, a history of both Heavyweight and Lightweight Sharpie class champions. The book is designed as the ultimate sharpie sailor's coffee-table/bar book, (example imagery on the right). Download Order Form here.

Havoc heavyweight sharpie

Graham Brown's heavyweight sharpie, Havoc, taken on the beach at Freshwater Bay. This photo of Havoc was taken at Freshwater between 1954-57.

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