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Magic Marine

2012-13 Sponsor of the NSW state championships and nationals team

Bateman's Bay at dawn

NSW Sharpie State Championships 2012/13
Round 3 - Heats 7, 8 & 9 at Batemans Bay Regatta

Going into this final regatta for the NSW Sharpie States, Smoke (Michael Forster, Andrew Forster and normally Ben Phillips last seen heading North to QLD, but ably substituted for this weekend by Mick Deny) held an almost unbeatable lead for the championship. There was a mathematical chance that Mr Freeze (Todd & Brad Curry and Hayden Sellers) could snatch the win if they won every race at the regatta and Smoke finished worse than 4th in all races. Second, third, fourth and fifth place were going to be tightly contested, given the scores of 5, 8, 8 and 10 with 3 drops.

Anyway, back to the racing… 11 Sharpies lined up for the final regatta of the season and the forecast looked great for the weekend with the BOM predicting Northerly 15-20 knots both days with plenty of sunshine which sounded great given the time of the year. However, the forecast does not always come through, and on the Saturday we had northerly winds which came in by 1pm, but only about 5-10 kts, with a few isolated stronger gusts.

Race 7 of the State championships Mr Freeze held a good lead for the first lap taking the left hand side of the first beat to good effect, as did Proud Aussie and Shazam. However, on the second beat Smoke managed to pick the middle to right side of the course and take the lead by the top mark. On the first and what turned out to be final long beat, the left paid again and the first three boats again picked this with Smoke trying to cover both sides as a few boats split. The race was shortened just after the bottom mark with a short beat to the finish, the order being Proud Aussie 1st by 7 seconds to Mr Freeze 2nd, Smoke just snuck into 3rd followed by Shazam and Mainiac. The first five boats finished within 1 minute of each other, demonstrating how close the racing had been. That result ensured that Smoke had clinched another State Championship, but the race was on for the rest of the placings!

Bateman's Bay on shore

Waiting to get underway on Saturday - could that possibly be a breeze line over on the other shore?

Race 8 turned out to be a bit of a drifter, but Mr Freeze found light weather form and pulled out a great win beating the second boat by almost 2 minutes in what was a very short race due to the fading breeze.Proud Aussie came in second, Mainiac third and Shazam fourth.

Race 9 was the final race for the series and there were three points separating Mr Freeze in second and Proud Aussie in third, could Proud Aussie take second? Well…did Shorty give it his best shot, he sure did. Proud Aussie, Irish Frog (Chris Ablett) and The Bear (Rob Tikoft) all managed to drift away in the fading Northerly breeze which veered to the North just after the start making it an almost one tack beat for most of the fleet to the windward mark. The race committee decided again to shorten the course and this meant a very short race time, with Shorty crossing in 45 minutes, followed by Irish Frog, The Bear and Blur (Jason Chaffer). The next boats were at least 5 minutes behind, meaning that the 1st, 2nd and 4th in the State titles ended up finishing this last race over 15 minutes behind Shorty – we better all watch out next season!!

Final results for the weekend, clearly had the crew of Proud Aussie win, followed by Mr Freeze, Shazam, Mainiac and Smoke.

Final results for the 2012/13 NSW Sharpie State Championship
Smoke, Mr Freeze (on a count back!), Proud Aussie, Mainiac and Shazam.
Series scratch results here

The handicap results are also quite interesting for this season with a new winner: Rob Tikoft in The Bear has won the handicap event, closely followed by the crew of Blur – well done guys, and look forward to your continued improvement next year!
Series handicap results here

Irish Frog crew

NSW State Titles 2013 - Round 2 16-17 February 2013

Well how good was it to be back on Sydney Harbour, stunning conditions on Day 1 with a great sailing breeze piping in at 15knots. Everyone seemed to have their moments in this race, but unfortunately DDH and team missed it due to a broken forestay fitting.

Proud Aussie

Shorty was the early leader followed by Smoke, Freeze and DSRP. Mainiac had great speed around the track to move through to 2nd and put the pressure on Smoke at races end. Freeze and DSRP slipped back, while chilli and blur were enjoying good races. Some fun rides and great racing had everyone smiling on Saturday night and the atmosphere around the place was fantastic. A few decided to head out and watch the Brumbies and continue on.

Day 2 and the full complement of boats were on the water. Lighter breezes and again everyone had there turn of doing well or finding a big hole. Shazam and Smoke battled hard throughout the day. DSRP are really struggling for pace and slipped well down the leader board. Shorty and Richo had good weekends. Freeze guys were sniffing around and there was great battles all over the place which is exciting for the class.

Huge congrats to Michael Forster who I believe won his 8th title in a row with one regatta to spare. Amazing effort. The standard of the fleet is great and great to see so many teams improving. Hopefully everyone sticks at it and gets faster and faster. The atmosphere around our group of sailors is fantastic and the culture is great.

Thanks to Balmoral sailing club and also Mary Tulip for taking some great photos of the Saturday.

Also apologies from the Prawn crew for not getting around the 2nd race, had a few issues with the boat that needed some attention. Hopefully see everyone at Batemans Bay for the final round.


Round 1 and 2 NSW State Titles 2012/13
Download series results for Rounds 1 and 2 here

Handicap results now available

NSW team at the 70th Nationals in SA

Well what a 10 days that turned out to be! This had to be the biggest Sharpie bash since Lincoln 12 years ago! Huge fleet, Huge social scene and Huge stakes were on the line in the 2012/2013 Australian Sharpie Championships.

Firstly a huge thanks to BSYC and the South Australian Sharpie community for putting on the best event I have been to and have created a blue print on what sharpie nationals are all about, Snoady and team did a fantastic job, Congratulations.

This has been a huge season already for the NSW team and it continued at the nationals. For the 4th time in 5 Years we had the 2nd most boats attend the nationals of all states which everyone should be really proud of, as an association we have come so far in what we are trying to achieve. We had 11 boats attend this year and they were:

  • N883 Smoke (16)
  • N885 Mr Freeze (21)
  • N902 Mainiac (23)
  • N831 DSRP (29)
  • N854 Chilli Factor (36)
  • N751 Proud Aussie (37)
  • N819 Irish Frog (41)
  • N763 Dirty Deeds (50)
  • N876 P&P (Juniors) (56)
  • N824 Too easy virtue (65)
  • N792 Obsession (junior) (66)

Everyone who got over there should be extremely proud of their efforts and the way NSW was represented on every level.

In terms of our performance here is a fun fact for everyone, 6 years ago at Largs Bay Nationals we had 8 boats attend, only 1 boat N903 RickO (now sails for QLD) finished inside the top 38 in a 70 boat fleet. This year we had 6 boats inside the top 38, 4 inside the top 30 and 2 inside the top 21. We had 4 boats finish idividual races inside the top 11 whereas at Largs we had none. This just shows that all the hard yards are starting to pay off. Overall positions in brackets above.

The racing was absolutely top class with many world and nationals champions rounding out the top 15, the fleet was hot to say the least. There is no other High Performance dinghy class in Australia that can match the Sharpie for sheer numbers, depth of quality in racing and the social program.

The massive positive in the class is that there was 6 junior boats sailing and many more crewing, our retention in the class is fantastic as all the of the 5 junior boats from Largs Bay were still sailing as participants in this years regatta. Its great to see the sharpie spirit alive and well in all the juniors particularly the VIC lads who lifted to the occasion and beyond.

The Racing:

As I said we all had moments, some spectacular breakages in the 20Kt seabreezes early in the regatta. Irish Frog cartwheeled and Robbie T took the stick with him the whole way down the mine, resulting in a new 2 piece goldspar, which was really unfortunate as the boys had great speed early in the regatta. DSRP continued their ongoing battle with rudder blades snapping 2 in 2 days giving the spectators something to look at with some good crashes. The Freeze boys had early speed although other boats tended to get in their way and had an unfortunate swim while in 7th in heat 1. Richo was 1st to the top mark in one heat and held on for a 10th, showing he is a real danger in the right conditions. Smoke is the 1 NSW boat that consistently worried the top 10 and with cleaner starts could be absolutely anything, especially now flippa has jumped ship ;)
Derek was on the money early then changed rigs and hit a speed bump until the last heat where they had speed only to swim in the teens, Rocko and Max were probably looking for their next beer or the Nude sliding runway?? Chilli pulled one out of the bag and nearly pinched a top 10, they were in 3rd for an eternity which was great to see, Shorty was consistent as always. The P&P boys had a great fight to retain their junior title, finishing agonisingly close against the Vics. Matty Jones and the boys had a great time at the regatta unfortunately broke a mast but got around the track in really good shape in a few races. Zurcher and Sammy decided 3 days b4 the regatta they wanted to sail, so borrowed a local boat and a forward hand and camped in someones backyard, legendary effort boys.

The Social

Every night was a huge night in Brighton, whether it be the club or the pub, many of the 200 competitors were there till stumps every night, with a big thanks to the bar staff for joining in the fun. The welcome night went really well with nibbles and a great band which had everyone dancing into the night (dunno if this is good or bad), the legends lunch was great with Jimbo (Jim Curry NSW manager) making up the NSW contingent and having a great time. New Years Eve was the biggest on record with a live band drinking games, fun for the kids and a massive beach party, the vibe was unreal. Ladies day was attended by over 250 people and it was like the summer racing festival with the ladies enjoying frocking up and a few sneaky champagnes while watching the action, it was a great initiative. Then came states night, NSW held their own only to be pipped by SA in the semi final which was a photo finish, well done to Tassie boys for winning the chug-a-lug. Then came a few beers, then a few more with the vic boys entertaining the crowds as well as a live band. Then the black plastic made a return for the first time in 5 years and the nude bar sliding was on for young and old, NSW again well represented. Preso was a real special evening, was absolutely worth every cent, you couldn't find better value and the SA boys and girls on the social committee need to be commended for their efforts in pulling off such a gala event that will be remembered for a long time.

Jim Curry
A special mention needs to made of this man, came all the ay across the country to be our team manager and his pep talks and information were absolutely invaluable. On behalf of everyone in NSW thanks Jim for being a great leader of the class in NSW.

Where to now:

Perth 2013/2014 will be massive again and expect another big fleet of around 50-60 no doubt about it, the WA crew are putting in the hard yards and could have up to 35-40 of their own boats. Robbie T is looking into container options and it would be great to get a team across to pump up for our nationals in 2 years time.

The next point is our nationals venue, start thinking about the options now, the venue will be decided at the AGM, and many things need to be in consideration. The winning formula is this:
· Sailing Conditions
· Club Facilites
· Family/Social facilities
· Accomodation
· Spectator facilities
· Where will we get the biggest fleet
We will have 3 proposals out shortly from Lake Illawarra, Georges River and Canberra.

Lastly well done to all the competitors and Mal for winning again, NSW are coming this is just the beginning!

Get around it

Prawns Out!!

26 November 2012 ....

Hi Everyone,

Well our first round of the NSW state titles was a ripper and thanks again to PKSC for putting on a great show, they clearly must be are the number one volunteer based country club in NSW and still make the best hamburgers in the world.

14 boats lined up on the start, while this is a good number and we have consolidated it was dissapointing only 6 Canberra Boats could make the trip through various circumstances, considering we had 12 at a club championship only a 3 weeks before hand.

I tell you what the standard this year is the best I have seen, so many boats with new gear all the way down the fleet, the racing was so close and no position was safe.

Day 1 was an absolute special. Black Nor -easter time at the gong, 20-25knots with at times bigger puffs, strap yourself in and lets go! With all boats on the line for the start, it was hectic, DSRP raced off the pin and Mr. Freeze and DSRP gapped the fleet a bit on the first work with Mainiac not too far away, by the first wing mark probably 4 - 5 boats had pulled the pin with a bit of swimming being done by all. At the end of the 2nd work Mr. Feeze had extended a bit on DSRP with about the same gap back to Richo in Mainiac, DSRP had a swim not to far away from the top mark letting Mainiac slip through to 2nd and thats the way it stayed for the rest of the race. SMoke had a big swim on the first reach leaving their titles defence starting with a 4th. The boat park was full of beers, stories and laughter after a truly epic day, everyone had a great day even if results didnt go their way. It was a real Sharpie day thats for sure. Freeze Boys again too good on their home track in a good breeze.

Day 2, two heats were sailed in a light flicky Sou-easter and it was hot. in the first race smoke had a clean pair of heals in their favourite conditions and got away from the fleet for an all the way win, DSRP and Mr Freeze were burried in 11th and 12th respectively at the top mark which left Shorty in 2nd and Shazam, Mainiac, Irish Frog, Blur and the Bear fighting it out for 3rd. There were some big holes and some of the boats found them on the run letting Mr. Freeze back through, they sailed extremely well to get back to 2nd at the finish, with SHorty showing some good form in 3rd back to Mainiac 4th and DSRP recovered for 5th. Big effort by the Bear to get 6th and they had good speed in these conditions. The Southern Cross boys had their moments as well sitting in 5th for much of the race.

The next heat was much of the same, except Mr. Freeze looked well and truly gone out in front, only to find a frustrating hole and have smoke sail straight past them, they had a great race to the finsih with smoke hanging on. Irish Frog had a cracking race with super sheet hand Hayley calling the shots with local knowledge they were in contact with the 2 leaders to get 3rd and leave a massive gap back to Richo who came from 13th at the top mark first time to get back to 4th, I think Shazam was 5th, Shorty 6th, with juniors P&P and the Blur team fighting it out for 7th. Ian Ritchie was also having their best race Getting very close to Southern Cross at the end.

Again an awesome time had by everyone, The next big event is the Nationals, with Mr. Freeze and Smoke going pretty quick in a variety of conditons hopefully the NSW team can shake it up a bit this year.

Our next State event is Balmoral States on the weekend of the 16th of Feb lock it in, we want 20 boats at this regatta and getting back on the harbour after a 1 year absence.



20 November 2012 ....

Well the big week on the calendar is here. I dont want to jynx it but the forecast is lookin juicy as, probably just jynxed it. Hopefully everyone is planning on getting behind this event as PKSC is one of our great supporters. Last years state titles drew a total of 21 boats and a great fleet of 17 turned up at Batemans Bay, it would be so good to see at least 17 turn up this weekend for what promises to be a true Sharpie weekend with great sailing and great people run by a great club.

It is also the last chance for the Canberra, Wollongong and Sydney fleets to get together and have a hit out before this years Nationals which is promising to be a great event with anywhere between 60 and 80 boats attending.

There are a few boats going really well at the moment with Michael Forster again showing the way locally in Canberra and topping it off with a good showing in the ACT dinghy championships winning all bar 1 race against some quality opposition.

Shorty and the Freeze boys seem to be consistently going well, with the Prawns struggling for consistency but having some good moments. Mainiac should be sniffing around the leaders again and if it blows watch out for the P&P. Blur boys have been out and have been putting in good showings along with other PKSC boat Southern Cross.

DDH will be fast with his annual appearance on the water and being fresh from not over training.. Ian Ritchie from Canberra has new rags along with Dirty Deeds so they are ones to watch.

The Uni boat has been out a lot this year hopefully they get down for a good weekend as they have been going very well right amongst the leaders in the berra. Chilli Factor has been having a good season and is always a threat as is the Irish Frog.

Robbie T showed some good pace at the training weekend and could crush the more fancied rockstars #Ben Phillips.

Matthew Jones has been out during the week training and is showing massive improvements and will be looking for a good hitout before Adelaide.

John Truelove with Junior Roy at the helm have been slowly climbing there way through the fleet and are getting very competitive.

A couple of Smokys who we hope turn up are Glen Seely, Kev "someone paint my boat coz im getting SheetFaced" Rosenbaum and the South Coast lads.

All in all could be a huge regatta as I said get behind these events the class is trucking at the moment lets keep building and have some fun.



November 2012

Just another update to see how the season is progressing. It seems nearly every boat has got wet already this season. The YMCASC has been averaging around 8 boats with as many as 10 with 14 boats in total already sailed this season, with plenty of new blood in the fleet. PKSC had 6 Turn out to their most recent Club heat which is sensational.

YMCASC has a couple of big weeks coming up with Rounds 3/4 of the Club Championship being held this Saturday with a clogged leader board, "Deep Sea Racing Prawns" and "Smoke" tied on points with a gaggle of boats behind them. Derek should be on the water soon!! Hopefully....

ACT Dinghy Titles - 10-11 November at the YMCASC is the annual ACT Dinghy Titles which has been heavily supported by Sharpies over the last 4 seasons. With hopefully 80 boats of all sorts turning up it should be an unreal regatta. Hopefully everyone has their crews sorted and we can top last years efforts of 12, I think we should do this easily.

At PKSC - It's been the Freeze show with the boys in blistering early season form, finally finding the pace thats been elluding them and are now well and truly back. Richo has been snapping at their heels all season. The P&P lads with young Richo at the helm and frank the tank up front have showed unreal form in a breeze and like the most of us are hangin out for some big Nor-easters. Great to see the Southern Cross boys, Blur and Shorty getting amongst it last weekend, cant wait to see more of it.

NSW State Titles - This leaves us at the big one Round 1 of the NSW State Heats on the 24th/25th of November. This season is wide open with boats on pace from the training weekend expect some fierce racing on and off the water with Chug-a-lug training in full swing, Karl wants to crack the team but after last years performance where he couldnt make it past 9pm (he wasnt even in the team) the lad needs to lift!!! Early expectations are of around 15 boats competing with the possibility of 20 if everyone has a go and gets on the water. This would be unreal and get the Sharpie brand out their loud and proud.

But basically at the end of the Day we want some black nor-easters down the gong and Braddo has promised it so if it doesnt happen get into the big bloke.

Lets get up and about and make this the best season yet and continue to build on last year.



October 2012 - ACT Catchup

Well the season is here and its shaping as one of the best and most successful seasons in NSW history. With 17 sharpies in town, there is no better way to start your sailing season than this weekend with the first round of the club championship, so get down there, be seen and build on the buzz that we have at the moment. Things are looking good get amongst it!!

Training Camp: 6 sharpies attended a 2 day intensive training camp run by Jack Fletcher from Adelaide. Everyone seemed to get a lot out of it with a combination of speed testing, boat handling and short races making up the weekend. The Sunday was sailed in 20-25knots from the SW, hard work on the sheet thats for sure. We worked a lot on consistency of speed and changing gears. Monday was held in pretty good 10-12 knot winds from the ESE. We did some speed work followed by boat handling and some short races to finish off. Huge thanks to PKSC for helping out with facilities and power boats over the weekend and a massive thanks to Bec, Kylie and Sharon for catering for us on the sunday night. Great weekend had by all.

Season starts: Now we are through the tune ups, its time to start the season, PKSC and YMCASC have been going for a few weeks now with 5 boats rigging up at Y for the first Saurday in October in tough condtions. Great to see Matt Jones out on N824 and John Truelove N755 getting out for some early season racing in cold conditions. PKSC have had 4 boats on the water over the first couple of weeks and have potential for up to 6 or 7 each week.

Club Champs: We have our first Club Championship at the YMCASC on the 13th of October which we are hopeful of drawing a huge fleet, it would be great to break last years record of 12. So lets make sure we get along for that it should be a great day with BBQ after racing and hopefully good weather. I know all the regulars will be there so get a crew together and get amongst it.

ANU Boats: I need to have a chat with Glen Seely about training for some crews in the ANU boats, we are hopeful of getting all the ANU boats on the water this year and I know a few of the YMCA guys are keen to join in with some training.

Derek Milligan is still putting Dirty Deeds together and with some new rags will be a force to be reckoned with. Just needs a centreboard.

Remember these important dates:

13th October 2012 - YMCASC Club Championships Round 1
3nd November 2012 - YMCASC Club Championships Round 2
10th/11th ACT Dinghy Titles - hosted by YMCASC
24th/25th NSW State Titles - Round 1 at PKSC (big nor-easters)
28th December/6th Jan Australian SHarpie Championships Brighton and Seacliff (Adelaide)

August 2012 - NSW Catch-up

Matthew Jones has purchased a boat from Queensland and has already been spotted sailing in the Canberra Winter, great stuff lads. Another boat in Balmoral and 1 more possibly out of Wangi on Lake Mac are expected, so its looking really good fleet wise.

We have 11 boats expressing their interest for the SA nationals which must be some sort of travelling record at least for the last 25 years, looking to be a massive fleet.

We are really going to be pressing for 10+ boats most weekends out of Canberra, with some massive improvements around the club and hopefully a lot of new people stepping in to fill crewing positions. I will be working part time over the Summer at the Y looking after the marketing at the club for events and club racing and coaching for the juniors with also some sharpie stuff.

Port Kembla will possibly be looking at 6 on any given weekend with hopefully more to come as the season progresses, Balmoral may again kickstart with a bit of interest out of there and maybe potential development on Lake Macquarie.

Looking like a massive start to the year, if anyone needs any info on anything, let me know and the committee will attempt to sort it out.


End of 11/12 season

Smoke wins NSW State Title - for the 7th year!

Maniac takes out the Handicap!

Round 3 State Titles

Bateman's Bay, 21-22 April 2012

Well what a weekend, what an awesome result for NSW sharpies and the class in general!

17 boats on the start line, the biggest fleet at a state titles for a very, very long time, if not ever, unfortunately however the weather didn't come to the party and conditions were frustratingly light for the whole weekend.

In terms of racing we now have a lot of boats that can challenge at any particular time, this can only be beneficial for the class. Michael Forster and the "Smoke" boys walked away from the weekend with their 7th straight title, this has to be some sort of record and to do it in such a quality fleet truly shows how consistent and fantastic they were over the 3 rounds. But it wasn't all their own way, Ian Richardson and the "Mainiac" crew were at them the whole way through. I believe that even in the final race Mainiac had the potential to tie the series if they won and "Smoke" came worse than 4th, this still would have given "Smoke" the overall win on a countback. This shows how close it was but also for the minor placings down to 5th.

Full series results here

Handicap results now available

The weekend a great success for the organisation of the class as well with some great chat at the AGM. How good is it that everyone is keen to run the best nationals we can and have so many ideas and we are still over 2 and a half years out from it. Im sure Michael will send an e-mail out regarding the overall results and some info from the AGM.

The best thing about the weekend was so many new and old faces back sailing Sharpies. Class legends Micko and Tim are back in it in "blur" with Jase on the stick, they showed some really good form and will be the ones to watch next season both on and off the water. Matty Owen competed in his first Sharpie regatta in 20 years with reedy and the floater in "Shake N Bake" and with a possible refurb of the old N810 will be right up there on the regatta circuit. John Truelove was back in "sericuda" (N755) and was great to see sailing with his son up front. Glen Seeley completed his first states in the sharpie and showed after a season of sailing he and his crew can definitely shake it up at the front of the fleet. Ian Ritchie in only his 3rd year of sailing and first year on the regatta circuit performed very well and with another season under his belt will be one to watch. Dave Chazan crewed for Derek and is planning to re-deck the old Pananma City N655 and will be on the circuit next year, great stuff. Of course we cant forget Derek welcome back mate!! Heard a big re-build of "dirty deeds" is on the cards lookout!!

Also congrats to the "Pleasure and Pain" crew for a sensational season, they took out the national junior title and represented the class really well at the CHS regatta coming 4th overall out of 112 boats.

So as you can see going into the future we have heaps to be stoked about as a class and it was great to see so many people from other fleets take an interest in the sharpie and very impressed by the numbers and nature of the people that sail them.

Big thanks also has to go to Richo, the Curry boys and Haydos the vice pres for really helping the Wollongong fleet get up and going again with so much interest coming out of the club it is so good for the fleet, without that we wouldn't of got near 17 boats.

Next season is already shaping up as a beauty and im sure everyone is frothing about the thought of 20 sharpies on the line at the Port in November facing off against a 25knot Nor-easter. Get amongst it!!!!!

I know a number of boats are going to put some time in over winter, the prawn included, we also have a training weekend on the Sunday and Monday of the October long weekend with a coach from South Australia. It has been limited to 6 boats with most of the places filled. But as I said before anything learned from this weekend will be passed down through the fleet so everyone is on the same page. Tim and Micko can look after the chug-a-lug training and I heard Haydos is pretty keen on being the bar sliding coach so we have all bases covered.

Hope everyone has a great winter and we come back bigger and better than ever in 2012/2013.

Marc Ablett

Round 2 State Titles - 10-11 March 2012

Series Results to date here

Race 1: Southerly at 10 -15 knots

Absolutely picture perfect conditions greeted us for Heat 2 of the NSW Sharpie State Titles at Gosford - after 2 heats from the first round were blown out at the 'gong everyone was eager to get some points on the board. Good to see quite a few boats getting out early and doing speed testing before the start and it proved invaluable, "deep sea racing prawns" racked up against 3 different boats before the start and had no pace on any of them, but a few minor changes before the start and they were flying up the first work to lead around the top mark. Smoke was a close 2nd with Mainiac, Shorty (with super sheet hand Jon Liddle on board) and the Freeze boys all very close. DSRP managed to hold the lead around the first triangle but racing was fierce in the top group with any small mistake was pounced upon. Unfortunatly Mainiac had spinnaker problems and the bundy Bear boys took a swim with Sharpest Tool and Chilli factor battling it out. Mainiac roared back into contention with amazing upwind speed, Mr Freeze hit the lead on the last triangle only to miss the wing mark due to a course change to leave DSRP and Smoke in 1st and 2nd with Mainiac in 3rd and Mr Freeze slipping to 4th. Smoke managed to take the lead on the last run with Mainiac closing the gap considerably, DSRP managed to hold off Mainiac in a tacking duel on the way to the finish to take second with Smoke taking out the win.

Race 2: SE - NE at 5 knots

After a 2 and a half hour postponement we finally got underway, again you could throw a blanket over the top 5 and the Bear, Sharpest Tool and Chilli Factor not far behind enjoying an intense battle to the finish line. Mainiac continued its good form to take an all the way win from Smoke. Shorty and Smoke were enjoying a big battle in second only to be surprised by the Freeze boys picking up a monster easterly shift to move up to 2nd. DSRP were struggling as the effects from a team bonding night for the new crew took its toll and finished 5th. Sharpest Tool moved into 6th on the last run only to lose out due to spinnaker problems on the bottom mark, letting Chilli Factor and the Bear through.

Race 3: Easterly at 5 knots

It was Smoke's turn to shine with an all the way win for the boys with Shorty coninuing his sensational Sunday form to get a 2nd leaving him in 3rd overall for the regatta. Mr Freeze had a few good moments again and DSRP and Chilli Factor had a solid battle for 5th with DSRP getting up by 2 seconds.

Many thanks to Gosford Sailing Club for putting on a great weekend. Saturday was a great social night with a band and sausage sizzle with many people enjoying beers well into the night. There were some fantastic discussions about the future of the class, as well as how we involve families, wives and girlfriends more in the class. It was a pity we lost about 6 boats for the weekend due to uncontrollable circumstances such as health and work. With so many boats around the state (17 in Canberra and 6 in Wollongong), it would be fantastic if we can get every boat on the water for a regatta. Credit to the people who did make the trip - the atmosphere was great and it is a real testament to the class and the people sailing it that weekends like this are a success.

Strong NSW representation at the 69th SHARPIE NATIONALS

New shortened format for the 69th SHARPIE NATIONALS - sailing from Thursday 29th December to 5th January 2012 got underway in strong conditions on Waterloo Bay, Manly, hosted by the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron...

Scratch Results
Handicap Results

Congratulations to the Marzano lads in Roadkill, with Nicholas taking out the National Junior Title.

Congratulation also to Chris Ablett, Eric Hines and Rob Tikotf in Irish Frog, taking out the Handicap title!

NSW State Heats 2011/12

Round 1: Wollongong - 26/27th Nov 2011 Heats 1, 2 & 3 (Heats 2 & 3 were abandoned due to conditions)
Round 2: Gosford - 10/11th March 2012 Heats 4 (Sat arvo), 5 & 6 (Sunday)
Round 3: Bateman's Bay - 21/22nd April 2012 Heats 7, 8 & 9 (Sunday morning race does not count towards State titles)

Currently we will have best 6 of 7 races to count, with a minimum of 5 races for the series if we lose any other races.

This year's states looks to be the biggest and most competitive for ages. Really anyone of 6 boats have potential to win a heat based on this seasons form:

  • Mr. Freeze - 11th at the Nationals on scratch and won at last start (ACT titles) on a countback... V-good in a blow on a home track hard to beat.
  • Smoke - 6 NSW titles in a row what more can you say, bloke up front may get blinded by his rockstar status and be a liability (yet to be determined). 
  • Mainiac - 15th outright at the Nationals. Very consistent, very dangerous in the moderate flat water on a home track.
  • Deep Sea Racing Prawns - Back from the Nationals after giving the new boat a workout - Saturday night/chug-a-lug training could provide distractions.
  • Shazam - Unknown, very competitive in N810, new quick boat, may not be used to and blinded by the shiny gelcoat. But a very strong contender, LOOK OUT!!
  • Irish Frog - Very dangerous in a drift, almost won at last start in the clubby, solid crew will cause problems, very cunning.
  • The Chilli Factor - Well these guys have form and a top 10 at the nats only 3 years back on this track.  And ready to unleash Eric on a big Nor-easter.
  • Roadkill - Reigning national and state junior champion, ability to cause an upset especially in a blow with frank the tank in the bow and they keep the stick in the air.
  • Proud Aussie - 2nd at last years states, all class, ability to win at anytime.
  • Sharpest Tool - Moley has really got the thing going and should of jagged a couple of 4ths at the dinghy titles. Big boat re-vamp and training schedule, will be very much improved.
  • Dirty DeedsDerek has sailed the boat once this season and took it right up to Smoke, with Max (chuck the kite up its blowing 45knots and I need to impress the bird on the beach) Rosenbaum and Breeny on board, this crew is a class act, new jib and brisbane bound could be a very sneaky proposition.
  • Ma CherieSeen sneaking around on wednesday nights putting in the hard yards training and is really paying off, with a solid crew on board and a win earlier in the season, can be a big chance given the right conditions.
  • YOTShould have a new Main and new Jib on for states, very competiitve at last start brisbane bound and defs improving all the time, can shake it up at times given the conditions.
  • SheetfacedKev and bruce have been sailing well, spending time alternating positions. Kev may possibly be away but hopefully they get there as they jagged a 4th in the last heat last year.

Round 1 State Titles - Kembla Klassic!

For Kembla Klassic info: Kembla Sailing Club Forum

While the form was good, the winds were wild and only two races were run. Race results here include Round 2 at Gosford.

NSW crew arrangements

We have 2 documents available to help with crew arrangements - one is a list of crews around NSW (some very handy names on this list), the other is a list of boats with crews for state regattas - it shows there are a few established regular crews and a few boats missing crew. Email Marc Ablett for these lists.

If you know of anyone you think may be interested in crewing flick an e-mail or a phone call around and let's try and get as many as we can on the water throughout the season.

ACT Dinghy Titltes - 29-30 October 2011, hosted by the Canberra Yacht Club

Sharpies compete for the 2011 ACT Dinghy Titles on Lake Burley Griffin

Fantastic racing in strong winds sees Mr Freeze (Todd Curry) take out the ACT Titles on countback from Smoke (Michael Forster). With two wins and two seconds each, it was a tough call. Full series results here

Sharpie Sailing for Dummies Handy Hints now available. Download here.


Full Series Scratch Results

Handicap Results

Round 3 of the NSW State Titles - Bateman's Bay - 19-10 April 2011

The final round of the NSW Sharpie State championships was held in Batemans Bay on the weekend of 9th and 10th April 2011. While Smoke, skippered by Michael Forster with Ben Phillips and Andrew Forster on board, emerged the overall winner, racing during the weekend was close, with positions changing throughout the varied conditions. Wind was variable, sometimes quite light and frustrating over the four races that were held, with three races counting towards the states.

In the first race, Smoke came out on top, Proud Aussie, second and Ian Richardson on Mainiac in third place. In the second race Smoke again came out on top, followed by David Dixon Hughes in Ticketty Boo and Mainiac in third place again. In the final race the times were very close, with only 20 seconds between Proud Aussie and Mr Freeze, skippered by Todd Curry, and the first six boats within one minute and ten seconds of each other.

Of special note is Rick Shortridge, past National Sharpie Champion, who won his first NSW Sharpie State Championship in 1978/79 in Savoir Faire. Shorty went on to win in Proud Aussie in 1984/85 and has won a total of eleven NSW Sharpie State Championships over 33 years. This year Shorty showed that he is still going strong with a 2nd place overall (still in Proud Aussie) in the 2010/11 State championships. Shorty and his crew of Mark Jarvis and Kevin Whitbred are still pushing the guys on Smoke and this year have beaten the 2009/2010 overall second place getter Mr Freeze skippered by Todd Curry, who went into the regatta only two points behind the leader.

The overall State Championship results for the season place Michael Forster in Smoke in first place, Shorty second on Proud Aussie, Mr Freeze, skippered by Todd Curry in third and Ian Richardson in Mainiac forth.

For the Handicap placings: Rick Shortridge sailing Proud Aussie, first, Ian Richardson sailing Mainiac, second and David Dixon-Hughes sailing Ticketty Boo in third place.

Next season is shaping up to be interesting with a number of NSW boats already planning the trip up north to the Nationals in Brisbane.

Round 2 - Balmoral -12th-13th February 2011

Balmoral, Sydney Harbour and a big swell through the Heads made for great sailing on the weekend. With Round 2 of the three round Series completed (and one drop taken into consideration) there are only 3 points separating first and third. Michael Forster has Smoke in fine form, Todd Curry has Mr Freeze keeping him honest - and Shorty has them both firmly in his sights!

29 November 2010

Kembla Klassic & Round 1 NSW States

The first round of the NSW Sharpie State titles was held at Port Kembla Sailing Club on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th November 2010. Smoke, skippered by Michael Forster and Mr Freeze, skippered by Todd Curry, fought it out for supremacy. Four races were held over the weekend with races two, three and four counting towards the NSW Sharpie State titles.

Race 1 was held in moderate breeze and won by Michael Forster, followed by Mr Freeze and then Mainiac, skippered by Ian Richardson.

Race 2 in the afternoon was a strong north easter of about 25 knots with some boats retiring with damage and others choosing not to finish (or even start). Todd, Hayden and Brad on Mr Freeze showed their speed in the heavy breeze coming out winners. Smoke was second followed by Mainiac in third place.

Race 3 was held in relatively light breeze on the Sunday morning with those conditions favouring Smoke, who won. Rick Shortridge came in second on Proud Aussie with Tickety Boo skippered by David Dixon Hughes coming in third.

Race 4 in the afternoon was taken out by Mr Freeze, followed by Irish Frog skippered by Chris Ablett. The Chilli Factor skippered by Kip Tanner came in third. The light winds meant the race was shortened causing a bit of confusion around the finish line and two boats not finishing.

On a countback Mr Freeze won the regatta from the four races held. Full topyacht results for the Klassic are now available. Thanks must go the Port Kembla Sailing Club for hosting another great event.

The NSW Sharpie State Championships certainly look like being a close contest between Smoke and Mr Freeze with Mainiac not far behind. The next round will be held at Balmoral on 12/13th February 2011.

(Mr Freeze, Pleasure and Pain and Mainiac in Race 1, Photos by Emma Leaudais)

November 2010

ACT Dinghy Championships - 30-31st October 2010

Smoke, skippered by Michael Forster, took out the ACT Titles, with Rick Shortridge in Proud Aussie placing second and Ian Richardson bringing the Mainiac home third. The event was hosted by Canberra Yacht Club with rigging on the grass in protected Lotus Bay and sailing on West Lake in gusty conditions.

Results are now out on the CYC Website under the Racing/Events tab, CYC Special Regattas.




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