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SA Sharpies Annual General Meeting

DATE: Wednesday June 27
TIME: 7.00pm
WHERE: Adelaide Sailing Club

If you wish to have a meal at the club before the AGM please ensure you make a booking via 8294 3232. It is also Schnitzel Night at the club so get into it and enjoy a drink with Sharpie friends.

Any motions or agenda items for the event must be forwarded to Sophie Common at ASAP.


Harry Fisher
Vice President, SA Sharpies


Contact the SA Sharpie Association:

David Snoad -
Harry Fisher -
Viki Sanderson -

Lightweight Sharpie Sailing, Walllaroo, South Australian State Heats, Drone Footage by David McCloud



It is with great sadness that we inform our members of the passing of a Sharpie legend and life member of both the Australian and South Australian Sharpie Associations.

A passionate boat builder and Sharpie historian, Doug was also the author of a famous book among Sharpie sailors called "History of the Sharpie". In 2011 Doug wrote his recollections of the early days at Largs Bay Sailing Club


It is also with great sadness that we inform our members about the passing of Mike Fisher, better known as "Fish".

Fish was known for being "larger than life" and was an active Sharpie sailor for many years as well as the father of current sailors Harry Fisher and Ellen Fauser nee Fisher.


Sharpie legend Mal Higgins, along with Sam Sanderson and Andrew Chisholm in Focus, has taken out yet another coveted South Australian State Sharpie Title, winning overall for 2016/17 in a commanding victory against some very well-touted opponents. Although he and his crew did not attend the nationals this season, they proved they could still gel just as well as ever before and take out a memorable win.

Boat names and skippers in the order of the results list are as followed...


  1. Focus – Mal Higgins
  2. Beer Nuts – Luke Stephens
  3. Trump – Chris Went
  4. Maelstrom – Jason Heritage
  5. Nude – Ryan Kelly
  6. Moe's – Peter Higgins
  7. Ferocious White Hunting Rabbits – Chris Todd
  8. Nightmare – Steve Luders
  9. Spank – John Weigand
  10. Under the Radar – Peter Kirk
  11. Don't Poke the Bear – Tony Turton
  12. You Can't Get Fritz in Sydney – John Woolatt
  13. French Bread – Stuart de la Perrelle
  14. Intoxicated – Terry Carlson
  15. Simply Irresistible – Brett Gage
  16. Bums on Decks – Lauren Thredgold
  17. Asylum – Bronte Flint


  1. Spank – John Weigand
  2. Ferocious White Hunting Rabbits – Chris Todd
  3. Nude – Ryan Kelly
  4. Beer Nuts – Luke Stephens
  5. Focus – Mal Higgins
  6. Trump – Chris Went
  7. Maelstrom – Jason Heritage
  8. Nightmare – Steve Luders
  9. Under the Radar – Peter Kirk
  10. Moe's – Peter Higgins
  11. Bums on Decks – Lauren Thredgold
  12. French Bread – Stuart de la Perrelle
  13. Intoxicated – Terry Carlson
  14. Mark it Zero – Mark Forbes
  15. You Can't Get Fritz in Sydney – John Woolatt
  16. Don't Poke the Bear – Tony Turton
  17. Asylum – Bronte Flint
  18. Simply Irresistible – Brett Gage


SA930 Focus – Mal Higgins, Sam Sanderson, Andrew Chisholm

SA919 Spank – John Weigand, Joe Kelly, Tom Alder

SA920 French Bread – Stuart de la Perrelle, Sam Stevens, Henry Green

V777 Figjam – Max Nichols Leah MacPherson, Rob Radnell

SA931 – Ferocious White Hunting Rabbits – Chris Todd, Doug Nairn, Jason Webb

STATES SPONSOR – HandiWebb Home Maintenance (Jason Webb)

The 2016/17 SA Sharpie States were competed for over two separate weekends throughout the season – one weekend at the Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club in November prior to the nationals and the traditional country weekend in February after the nationals, hosted by the Wallaroo Sailing Club. Although numbers for the state championship itself were lower than seen in previous years, it was pleasing to see upwards of 35 sharpies competing at club level in South Australia at some point throughout the season. This can be significantly attributed to the growing Port Lincoln fleet, which is getting up towards 15 boats – our strongest sharpie club in the state.

The first leg of the states at Brighton was held in lighter and trickier conditions and saw some close racing with the up-and-coming Luke Stephens in Beer Nuts and veteran Chris Went in Trump putting Higgins to the test. They headed into the halfway mark in close contact, opening up a thrilling finish in Wallaroo.

The Walla Weekend is always known for big breezes and late nights but this year only half of that would be true. The sailing on the Saturday was a light off-shore breeze that many sailors had never seen before in Wallaroo and caused headaches for many of the teams. The night was spent at the awesome local yacht club where we enjoyed a great buffet dinner and some drinks before heading to the Cornucopia Hotel where several more refreshments were enjoyed. The second day was light again to start but then built into a gentle sea breeze, still not what we were used to for Wallaroo.

Higgins was too strong in the second leg and ran away with another title while Luke Stephens held off for a count back runner up place ahead of Chris Went.

Congratulations must also be given to Stuart de la Perrelle and his crew Sam Stevens and Henry Green in French Bread on taking out the SA Country Title. These guys have sailed a great season back home in Port Lincoln and are showing that the west coast long boats can definitely match it with their city counterparts.

Also a big shout out to the Victorian Sharpie Association on the running of a very successful nationals at the Mordialloc Sailing Club where we were lucky enough that SA went 1-2-3 (Maelstrom, Beer Nuts, Trump) in what was a closely-fought regatta. President Jake Nichols and his team worked incredibly hard and should be proud of their efforts.

They also put a lot of effort into travel this season with two big trips both to Port Lincoln last June for our Sharpie Frostbite Regatta and again in November to the first leg of our states. Max Nichols, along with Leah MacPherson and Rob Radnell in Figjam, were one of two boats that made the trip to the states and were good enough to take out the Arthur Shanks Perpetual Trophy for the first-placed juniors in the states – well done!

A great season of sailing sharpies again in SA and we look forward to next year, which will include the 75th anniversary of the Sharpie Nationals in the iconic and historic sharpie location of Yeppoon in Central Queensland. There's already a heap of SA boats confirmed with talk of plenty more – we can't wait to get there.

A year on from the Yeppoon nationals it will be coming back to SA and we invite everyone to the Adelaide Sailing Club for the 76th Sharpie Nationals (dates to be confirmed).

Harry Fisher
Mobile: 0431 102 417


74th Sharpie National Champions!

Congratulations to Jason Heritage, Marc Ablett and James Hughes in SA932 'Maelstrom' on winning the 74th Australian Sharpie Nationals, hosted by the Mordialloc Sailing Club.

It came right down to the last race with four boats capable of winning and Jacko was good enough to hold on, beating Chris Went on 'Trump' by half a point.

73rd National Champions

Final top five results...
1st: Maelstrom: Jason Heritage (SA 932)
2nd: Trump: Chris Went (SA 905)
3rd: Beer Nuts: Luke Stephens (SA 929)
4th: Vita Brevis: Ash Gabrielson (WA 910)
5th: Ricky: Robin Deussen (SA)

Women's Champion: Kelsey Hanrahan (N824)

Full results for the 74th Nationals, follow the link...
http:// 74th-sharpie-nationals/



The South Australian 'Nationals' team was ...

Adelaide Sailing Club
Beer Nuts - Luke Stephens, Matt Hansen, Dave Snoad
Maelstrom - Jason Heritage, Marc Ablett, James Hughes
Nude - Ryan Kelly, Sean Keen, Tom Schnaars
Spank - John Weigand, Tom Kennedy (filling in for Joe Kelly), Tom Alder
Trump - Chris Went, Tom Manhood, Harry Fisher

Brighton & Seacliff Yacht Club
Don't Poke the Bear - Tony Turton, Andrew Dallisson, Mark Kretschmer
Ferocious White Hunting Rabbits - Chris Todd, Doug Nairn, Jason Webb
Under the Radar - Peter Kirk, Rob Turton, Tony Gold

Largs Bay Sailing Club
Nightmare - Steve Luders, Justin Kennaway, Tom Wild

Port Lincoln Yacht Club
Release the Hound - Marty Hood, Hannah Hood, Warren Hood (Junior)

Best of luck to the boats vying for the national championship and hopefully we're good enough to keep the title in South Australia for another year.

Also good luck to us as a state team as we look to defend the Bishop Team Trophy and maintain the South Australian stronghold. However with strong teams competing from Western Australia, New South Wales and the home state Victoria, this will be no easy feat.

It's also great to see Marty Hood sailing with his sister Hannah and dad Warren, who are making the effort to come all the way over from Port Lincoln for the nationals. These guys will race as our representative junior and we hope they are able to knock off the stars from Tasmania and reclaim the Tomlinson Trophy. They will also be vying for the coveted Red Hand Trophy, presented to the first country representative.

Have fun at the nationals and make SA proud!

SA AGM - South Australian Sharpie Association annual general meeting was held on Wednesday July 6, 2016 at the Adelaide Sailing Club, 7pm. State opposition leader Steven Marshall has stepped on as our class patron - thank you to Steven for his interest in promoting grassroots sailing in South Australia.

The new committee now looks like this...

Patron - Steven Marshall
President - Dave Snoad
Vice President - Harry Fisher
Secretary - Cameron Larkin
Treasurer - Joe Kelly
Social Officer - Sophie Common
Publicity Officer - Ilona Flockhart
Measurer - Andrew Chisholm
Assistant Measurer - Sean Keen
Assistant Measurer - Marc Ablett
Race Officer - Tony Turton

Thanks to outgoing committee members Mike Badenoch, Viki Sanderson, Sam McCloud and Angus Hughes for their service over many years. A big and strong committee has been elected and we wish everyone the best of luck ahead of the 2016/17 season, which includes the 74th Sharpie Nationals Mordialloc Sailing Club.

SA Association Builds Sharpies.

The South Australian Sharpie Association has undertaken to build up to two Sharpies a year from builder Tim Haselgrove. The reasons for doing so are these:

  • We have the best Sharpies ever built being turned out by Tim Haselgrove of Yachtcraft at the moment. A lack of constant work had Tim about to close the doors on Sharpies. We have given him the assured work that he needs. This loss of talent would have been disastrous for the long term future of the class.
  • The lead times for a new owner to get a new Sharpie will be much less than the current six to twelve months as we will always have a boat finished, on the go, or boats scheduled into Tim's work flow.
  • Buying a new boat can be a daunting and expensive task if one doesn't have the necessary skills or contacts to fit out and prepare a race boat from the ground up. By turning out multiple boats, the association intends to offer boats that come in various stages of finish, from bare hull to ready to sail, and hopefully make new boats more accessible to more people.
  • By purchasing, wholesale and in bulk, the association can create new boats that are both of high quality and also as cheap as can be produced by cutting retail margins etc.
  • The current success of the class is based largely around the large number of boats that were built in the 80's and 90's, these boats are still creating great class racing. These boats will not last forever, and if we don't start producing at least two new boats a year, in 10 - 20 years or so we will run out of boats and no longer have a class. We need to have affordable, attainable boats that people want to buy. If that means that providing "ready to sail" Sharpies is one way to achieve this, that is what we need to do.

The Association has its first hull finished, and has fitted all the difficult to fit fittings, under the case, side stay and lower pulleys, front tank turning blocks, etc., and can finish it with a full Harken fit out to the latest winning layouts at a price you unlikely to be able to do it for yourself.

Foils, and rudder box are well underway, and the association has commissioned the next boat to be built for completion with enough time for a potential owner to take it to the next nationals in Melbourne this Christmas.

The SA association hopes to make that process as easy as possible and is now offering Sharpies from $15,200 for a Hull, and around $35,000 for a ready to sail boat with trailer and beach dolly.

The success of our great and enduring class relies on people taking the leap, buying a new boat, and just as importantly handing their old boat on to a new home.

There has never been a better time to buy a new Sharpie and we have one pretty much ready to go. Call me (Snoady) on 0403 303 303 or email me on to get the low down on how you can step up to one of these awesome new generation boats.

Carnage Corner

The month of February 2016 saw see bumper fleets participating in various Sharpie regattas around Australia - including the wrap up of the SA States at Wallaroo on the Yorke Penninsula. This is a favourite venue for SA Sharpie sailors so much so that National Champion "Sam" McCloud has a house there. The club has been rebuilt and has excellent facilities, ample rigging and ex-sharpie sailors who know how to please the competitors. It was a great weekend - check out Jibe Mark on Carnage Corner, with this video by David McCloud going viral....

Geoff "Sam" McCloud, Sam Flint and Mark Beaumont in Warpig win the 73rd Australian Sharpie Championship at the Sandy Bay Sailing Club, Tasmania.

WarPig Sharpie

By Harry Fisher, Down Under Sail, Photo above by Lou Hollis

AUSTRALIAN sharpie class stalwart Geoff "Sam" McCloud, with crew Sam Flint and Mark Beaumont in Warpig, has taken out his maiden national championship in a resounding win on the Derwent River in Hobart, Tasmania in early January.

McCloud, who has sailed sharpies for a number of decades and has achieved some great results in the past, clinched his first ever national championship, which had always found a way to elude him in the past.

Read more about how the veteran claimed his maiden on Down Under Sail

SA Association newsletters


WarPig wins Port Lincoln Frostbite Regattaa

Mr McCloud, sailing Warpig with Sam Flint and Mark Beaumont. Photso Linda Hughes

The 2015 Port Lincoln Frostbite Regatta was held on 6-7 June 2015 with 17 boats competing. The Port Lincoln Times has a great write up of the frosty conditions and racing, with some fantastic photos by Linda Hughes. Mr McCloud, sailing Warpig with Sam Flint and Mark Beaumont, took the honours, 2 points ahead of Don't Poke the Bear and Pre-Mature, Marshall Batteries and Spank rounding out the top five. Results and Port Lincoln Times news article here

Dont Poke the Bear

Turton lads and Dyer showing how they Don't Poke the Bear in frosty conditions. Photo Linda Hughes

Boston Bay Sprint Series - Congratulations to Miles Stephens, Wade Gray and Byron Russ on Finger Jam who took out the inaugural Boston Bay Sharpie Sprint Series in Port Lincoln. Only one point separated the top three boats with Ben Kelsey in INXS in second and Paul Watson in Pre-Mature in third... read more in the Port Lincoln Times

Read more about the Boston Bay Sprint Series and the form of Port Lincoln sharpies on DownUnder Sail

Sharpies take out the monohulls in the Milang to Goolwa Classic
Australian sharpies were the fastest three monohulls in the Milang to Goolwa raced on 25 January 2015, all three only finishing minutes apart after 2 hours and 45 minutes. First prize a $500 insurance voucher from Club Marine. Sharpie people need to put this one on the calendar for next year. It is great fun beating up on 18 foot skiffs! The SA boys had several approaches over drinks after racing about how to get into sharpies, people could not believe how fast a sharpie was upwind. Race included a 10km two sail reach, and some very fast, flat water upwind stuff that was gusty and challenging. Great fun had by all, and to top it all off, pizzas, hamburgers and $5 cans of beer!

Milang to Goolwa trophies

Life Member

Rob Turton was nominated for life membership of the Australian Sharpie Sailing Association at the conference in Adelaide over Christmas, which was carried unanimously. National President Mark Kretschmer presented Rob his Life Membership Trophy (a custom built Sharpie) at the SA Association prize night.

Rob turton - life member

Rob has sailed Sharpies for over 20 years. He's been a rock in the National body Administration for the last 10 Years as National Measurer and has certainly helped the Executive with his knowledge of the Class Measurement Laws and the Constitution in progressing the class through various changes that have taken place, particularly in the past three years. Rob has won three state championships and was runner up at the Black Rock Nationals. Rob is a fireman and Rear Commodore of the Brighton Seacliff Yacht Club.

70th Australian Sharpie National Championships

Summary Video - BSYC, South Australia


70th Sharpie Nationals - results

Sailed in South Australia over 27 December 2012 - 5 January 2013, a fleet of 66 Lightweight Sharpies battled it out in true Sharpie sailing conditions (20+ knots). With three crew per boat, it was one big regatta being hosted by Brighton Seacliffe Yachtclub, Adelaide, SA.

Fly Sharpie? Plenty of people were wandering about at the airport for a look at the display put on by SA Sharpies in the lead-up to the Nationals, taking photos, having a read - some even posing to have their photos taken in front of the Sharpie.

Adelaide Airport

The boat is in a position that can be seen both by people first walking into the airport and those leaving, and at this time of year it's expected nearly 150,000 people a day saw the Sharpie display.

Adelaide Airport

A guy in a Yachting Australia shirt checking it out!

Adelaide Airport

Frostbite 2012 - results now available

Want more on the SA Sharpies?

2011/12 Sailing Season archive

SA Newsletters

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Download: October 2012 pdf
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