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In Western Australia, the class is sailed at multiple clubs in WA mostly on Sunday afternoons. Please contact to find a boat to sail with.

For the latest about sailing Sharpies in Western Australia, visit



WA Division Sharpie AGM will be held at 1.45pm on Saturday August 25th at East Fremantle Yacht Club.

Please get down there for the meeting, as it's important that we have a strong committee as we get stuck into planning our own Nationals next year. All members of the association are encouraged to consider a stint on the committee - nominations for positions on the committee should be sent to the returning officer Neil Stanbury at least 7 days beforehand, at or by message

WA State Sharpies Presentation Lunch 2018

Talk about a 'feel good' event! Saturday's WA Sharpie Presentation Lunch at East Fremantle Yacht Club (EFYC) was all about the vibe, as Darren and Floss showed. The sun shone, the river sparkled and the trophies did too....

EFYC put on a fabulous lunch, the drinks flowed, the kids had a good time too and it was a great event overall. Great to see some of our veterans and their partners there, most notably our Patron Lyall Gerring and Life Member Rube Gabrielson. Thanks to everyone who attended.

The Alan O'Grady Perpetual for winners of the State Championship went to Ash Gabrielson, Ian Davidson and Mark Lewis from The Purple Circle.

The Kelly Brown Perpetual Trophy for second went to Ashley Hood and crew in Vanquish, while the Trevor Date Perpetual for third went to David Lightfoot and crew in BlackSun.

Other winners for the season were as follows:

  • Arcus Family Trophy awarded for most fastest times in Association events - Ash Gabrielson, The Purple Circle 
  • Peter Flower Perpetual for best performing Western Australian boat at the National Championships - Ash Gabrielson, The Purple Circle.
  • Patron's Trophy - awarded to the most consistent boat on handicap in all association events for the season - Peter Cuthbert, Suicide Blonde
  • Trevor Date Shield - awarded to the best performing country boat in country boats based on results 'over the line' - Trevor Date, Blind Date.
  • Paul Main Trophy - awarded to best performing country boat in Association events based on handicap results - Peter Cuthbert, Suicide Blonde.
  • Golden Oldies Trophy - awarded to first crew in the State Championship with a combined age of over 120 - Ash Gabrielson, Mark Lewis, Ian Davidson, The Purple Circle.
  • Peter Chappell Perpetual Masters Trophy - awarded to the first skipper in the State Championships aged 50 or over - Ash Gabrielson, The Purple Circle.
  • Stanbury Perpetual Junior State Champion Trophy - awarded to the first skipper aged 21 or under in the State Championships - Felix Browning, Pig Out.
  • Lyall Gerring Teams Trophy - Mounts Bay Sailing Club
Purple Circle


From times past - typical WA Sharpie activities....

In order to accommodate our normal fleets at MOFSC on Saturday 3rd February a slight change to times has been scheduled, see below:

  • MOFSC Dinghies, Solings and Keelboats will be starting from 1345 to 1400.


The MOFSC will be conducting presentations in the bar after the day's racing and the club's restaurant will also be open.

Look forward to seeing you all.
Trevor Date

WA State Titles dates below

  • 28 October 2017 - East Fremantle Yacht Club
  • 29 October 2017 - Mounts Bay Sailing Club
  • 3rd February 2018 - MOFSC, Mandurah

This coming season, the States will be held over three days - the first being a blockbuster short-course spectacular at East Freo. Day 2 the following day at Mounts, then the clincher in Mandurah on 3rd Feb.

2018 WA State titles

WA States for 2017

Great progress on the new Geographe Bay YC boat shed, seen below getting the roofing finalised. Super strong N3 rating and Gucci roller doors both sides. In years to come they will be able to stack sharpies ten-high! Ha ha. What a superb set-up and a real boost for our Busso sailors. Well done GBYC!! (Tree of Knowledge safely preserved)

WA Sharpie Shed in Geographe Bay

WA State Titles - Geographe Bay Yacht Club (GBYC) hosted the series across the weekend Saturday 25th March to Sunday 26th March 2017. Provisional results

MBSC Opening Day 2016/17

With storm clouds on the horizon, the lawn at Mounts Bay slowly began to fill. A few brave Bics were out early and coping with the squalls that were beginning to become more frequent.

Nine Sharpies hit the water in anticipation of a 1430 start, however the formalities took a bit longer than expected and racing did not commence until 1500. Not a big deal except between 1430 and 1500 there was a series of squalls around 25 to 30 knots and plenty of rain. 

The start was hotly contested, Dave Lightfoot and his Blacksun crew took the pin, with Wisemagic and Impact in the mix. With the wind a manageable 15 to 20 knots the fleet headed off from Addison in search of Matilda. Guest skipper and recent competitor at the Rio Olympics Griselda Khng, was showing great skill to push Wisemagic into the lead by the top mark. With Craig (the human cleat) Mann in the middle and Peter (Shit this is Hard work) Ivanac in the bow the poor girl had been dealt a shocking hand. Impact, Blacksun and Keysie were in the mix with All scoobed out, The Black Boat keeping them all honest. 

Placings moved around a little with the switchy Nor Wester, with Keysie getting SBD flying and into contention. Griselda managed to keep Wisemagic in the lead for 2.5 laps before it all fell apart on the final kite drop at Addison. Several swims later the exhausted team finally limped home. 

As it turned out half of the fleet swam in this gust or the next one that came through so the lead changed several times. In the end Impact took fastest from Keysie, Blacksun third and a very wet Wisemagic fourth. Some great sailing by all in tough conditions.

What a challenging start to our season! I hope it gets easier!!!! See you next week!


WA Sharpies AGM was held on Sunday August 7th 2016, at Mounts Bay Sailing Club.

HONOR ROLL OF Western Australian Life Members

After some work, the WA Division committee has compiled an Honour Roll of WA's Life Members, winners of National Championships and State Championships.

The WA Sharpie association has truly got a great history in Western Australia and we wanted to make sure the record book is there for everyone to see. It's now uploaded at by following this link:

Alternatively, go direct to the website and click on 'About' at the top of the page.

If you spot any errors or omissions, please let us know as soon as possible so we can correct it immediately. We have tried our best to capture things accurately. If you have feedback about how it can be improved or changed, let us know too.

Thanks to those members who have assisted us with this work.

Neil and Rhyss.

WA Honor Cup

WA Sharpies contested their States at Cockburn sound this year on the 13-14 February with The Cruising Yacht Club of WA hosting. Cockburn Sound is one of the best pieces of water for sailing in WA. The sea breeze comes over Point Peron producing flat water and it's usually 5 knots harder than the River. Interest in the series was high with ex 16 Foot Skiff sailor Scott Glaskin purchasing a Sharpie especially for the event. Scott is the son of one of WA's iconic Skiff sailors Bruce who campaigned "Athene" against the great Jack Cassidy 6 times National 16 Foot Champion in the 60's and 70's

Well done to the podium finishers for the series.
1st - Bullit
2nd - Blatantly Obvious
3rd - Origami underwear.

Results available here


The WA Division put forward a Motion at upcoming Australian Sharpie Sailing Assoc meeting in Hobart, which you can read below.

There's no doubt it was well debated, but that's a good thing. A decision will be announced throughout 2016.



To benefit all Australian sailors, the Western Australia Division of the ASSA proposes a modification to the operating model for annual national titles, to introduce a 'Central Nationals' every six years, in the geographically central location of South Australia. South Australia would retain its SA Nationals event in the sequence. While it is acknowledged that the rotating sequence of Nationals in States has served the class well for over 40 years, times have changed. Australia is a very large country geographically and it is possible to make it cheaper and easier for more Sharpie boats to compete at more National titles, more often.

WA considers there are significant benefits to all Sharpie sailors in making this adjustment and relatively few disadvantages to sailors or State associations. Most importantly, this is about making the class itself stronger nationally.

While the proposed arrangement may appear at first glance to favour South Australia, this is neither the intention nor the actual case: WA argues such a change would strengthen Sharpie fleets in all states, by making it more achievable for all to participate in Nationals more often. It would make for larger and more exciting national championship fleets in many cases, and assist in 'future-proofing' the class nationally. Over time (and over the full 7-year cycle of Nationals in particular), it would also deliver significant cost-savings to sailors competing in Nationals, no matter where they are from.

It is believed this model has been adopted successfully by at least one other Australian dinghy class. As an example, due to sheer distance, just one WA boat is competing in Tasmania this year, out of a State fleet of about 20 regularly-sailed boats. That campaign is costing more than $8000 which is the sole reason for the lack of other competitors. For the Perth Nationals, only one Queensland boat was able to travel to Perth and that is very understandable. Other States regularly have similar stories to tell, when it comes to travelling across a very large country to compete and the creation of a Central Nationals is unlikely to make other States’ national events weaker than they are now. One strength of Sharpies right now is a strong national fleet and that feature should be nurtured and built upon.


Under the model proposed by WA, every sixth year would be known as the 'Central Nationals', adding one year to the full rotation cycle around the States.
In effect, the South Australia Division would host a Nationals every three years, with the first of these in the order being called the ‘Central Nationals’ and the second being the SA Nationals.

It is proposed the change commence after the upcoming Victorian nationals, as planning has already commenced for these titles. Furthermore, to insert the new “Central Nationals’ at this point in the sequence would result in the retention of a relatively-good randomised geographic distribution of nationals events going forward.

This is how the sequence would work, going forward from Victoria onwards:
Vic 2016-17, Centrals, Qld, WA, SA, NSW, Tas, Centrals, Victoria, Qld, SA, WA, NSW, Centrals, Tas, Victoria, SA, Qld, WA, Centrals, WA, NSW, SA, Tas, Vic, Centrals and so on...


  • There are some financial and administrative considerations that would come with a Central Nationals every six years in SA, however SA would effectively double its profit opportunity in return, taking 100% of all profits for both the Central Nationals and its own SA Nationals.
  • While there is an additional administrative burden to SA in running the Centrals, there are considerable profit opportunities for it, and it is more than likely the SA Division could use some of those funds to hire administrative or other assistance for the Nationals.
  • Though it is a separate issue not addressed here, the proposed model is well-suited to the ASSA exploring (in the future) synchronising the Central Nationals from time to time with other classes’ Nationals (eg: 125s, Flying Ants or other classes). This would give economies of scale (eg: same facility, committee and safety boats, race office, etc) and make for a richer overall Nationals experience for families and, in fact, everyone.


  • South Australia doubles its revenue potential, in return for administering the additional carnival.
  • This will further strengthen the national fleet, by making it cheaper for Sharpie sailors from all states to compete, due to having less distance to travel. SA is one and a half day’s travel from Qld, WA and Tas and close for NSW and Vic.
  • By having a Central Nationals every six years, skippers who come into sharpies for a National title in any state are far more likely to keep the boat and stay ‘in’ the class for another two seasons to compete at the ‘Centrals’ as well, thereby cementing them into sharpie sailing for longer.
  • Due to reduced cost and convenience, a geographically central location every three years will result in large fleets of perhaps 70 boats or more for those (and possibly other) Nationals instead of 45 boats. It’s well known that big, exciting, Nationals fleets are major attractors for sailors.
  • South Australia is already a very strong and resilient sharpie community, so the ASSA would be building upon an existing strength, in terms of nurturing a national fleet. It would be easy to be parochial on this proposal, but the national benefits should be recognised first, rather than just what it might mean for SA.
  • South Australian venues are reliable and exciting sailing locations, guaranteed to deliver strong and consistent breezes, ideally suited to sharpies. While it is the obvious central geographical location, it is also ideal for what is proposed in terms of sailing conditions.
    Adelaide is the preferred location in SA for Central Nationals due to infrastructure, but titles could also be held in Port Lincoln or even Ceduna, while still delivering the general travel and cost benefits.


  • A longer cycle: National titles State-by-State cycle will go to every 7 years instead of every six years (except in the case of South Australia). This means each State other than SA has to wait an additional year to hold a carnival. This is considered a small concession in return for a far greater opportunity to compete in a national fleet far more regularly.
  • More work for SA: South Australia would host a carnival every three years instead of every six years, which would require more work by SA. This is true, but it represents an opportunity too for SA. Bigger Nationals fleets at Central Nationals means bigger profits, so SA could use these funds to contract out many of the event-planning and management aspects.
  • People might not go to other Nationals: WA doesn't believe this would be the case. There will always be sailors who either want to chase titles every year, or go for the experience of sailing in a particular State.


This proposal will be well-ventilated during December so that there are no surprises and everyone across Australia has had time to think about the pros and cons.

The proposal has also been flagged informally with Yachting Australia which responded by saying it believed the concept had merit, based upon SA’s central location and ‘putting the class first’.

WA puts this model forward in the best national interests of our great class and asks that the National Meeting vote in favour of the motions below.

Submitted with respect.

WA Division of the ASSA.
December, 2015.

RECOMMENDATION 1: That the ASSA amend the sequence of National Titles to introduce Central Nationals in South Australia every sixth year, hosted and run by the South Australia Division, with all profits returning to the SA Division.

RECOMMENDATION 2: That the new sequence of National titles commence with the first Central Nationals, in the year immediately after the upcoming Victorian nationals in 2016-17.

Sharpies race in WA

Changing of the Guard.....Gary Swan from East Fremantle is the new President after the 2015 AGM at EFYC. Well done Swanny!!!

Dave Lightfoot takes over as Vice President, with Mattie Jenkins also new on the association committee as assistant secretary. Neil Stanbury and Kim Taylor were re-elected as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Lyall Gerring and David Paris were re-elected as Patron and Vice-Patron, though neither was able to attend.

Outgoing President Craig Mann was thanked for his great efforts over a number of years as were Rhyss Edwards and Gordon McKercher for their contributions. Class captains at sharpie clubs are automatically on the committee so that's a valuable tie-in.

More than a dozen sailors attended and took the opportunity to talk about upcoming opportunities. There was a resounding agreement to take a run to Bunbury for a SW sail day, so get your trailer licence renewed (or steal one!).

More news soon....season not far away!

Follow WA Sharpies on FB

Important dates:

27 September 2015 - EFYC Open Day, East Fremantle Yacht Club

4 October 2015 - MBSC Open Day, Mounts Bay Sailing Club


The 2014/15 season has all but wrapped up.

Once again we had good numbers at EFYC, MBSC and GBYC. 20 boat at the states is encouraging 30 would be awesome. It has been difficult to find a home and dates for next season's State titles. Presently an application is in to SRR for MBSC to host the event on Melville Water over the March long weekend 2016.

Other goals include improving the participation in the state selections, further focus on introducing junior/youth and female skippers and crews to the class and getting to the country clubs a bit more often. Self promotion of our class works and is very cost effective.

The AGM and Association Presentations are likely to be in late July, giving incoming treasurer Kim Taylor time to tidy up the books. There will be a number of positions becoming vacant on the committee, without these positions filled not much happens or a few people become overloaded, please attend and assist where you can.

Cheers, Craig Mann

Key Dates for 2014-15 season on the WA Association calendar were:
PFYS Opening - November 2nd
States Selections MBSC - November 9
State Selections EFYC - November 23
Nationals GRYC Sydney - Dec 28 to Jan 5
State Champs - Jan 31 Feb 1 MOFSC
Country Championship KBSC - Feb 28 - March 2


Another great WASSA State Titles. Although the SE breezes were not much fun as honking SWers they created good close racing, big wins and, just as quickly, big losses.

If we sailed more in these breezes I think as a state we would be more competitive at a National level. It also shows how weight specific the class either side of 13 knots up hill and that with the windward leeward course less is more downhill.

My pre-regatta prediction (guess) of Vern Tidy taking out the title became reality, however heavyweights Bullit pushed very hard to grab the Silverware. It shows how tough the title is to win, Ash has been contending on and off for 30 years and has not been able to get his name on the O’Grady Trophy.

Great work by Matt Jahn (Vanquish) and crew to be hot contenders after day one. Day two was not so kind however third place was a good effort. We hope to see more of you in the Sharpie class as the 49er thing wears off!!!!!

Vern has shown great resolve this season. With Fat Matt chasing the girls' title on 737 he has even resorted to having myself on the wire at one point. Let it be noted I have not been invited back after some very un-Vern like performances. The well credentialled brothers who have finished 3rd in a QLD Nationals were a model of consistency this weekend sailing well, smart and to the “Sharpie” rules. This had them rarely out of touch with the leaders and in the end taking out the chocolates again in a very tight finish.

Without the results in front of me I am writing with my “normal” slant on things, Al Tidy calls it bullshit, I prefer to call it creative writing. Amber Dreams seemed to be hunting around the top few in most races and had her normal high groove causing havoc off the start line. Vicious had moments, Kurt was all over the shop like a mad women with flashes of brilliance followed by moments of …..

Kim Taylor was reliving the past on Humdinger, Hutch is improving on the Black boat showing good speed and form. Although the Perth Pathology team will be disappointed in their overall result they took out the consistency trophy.

Captain Jack and crew continues to improve. A great showing at the nationals and the 909 numbers were often in the mix over the weekend. Thanks Steve Swallow for the million shots of the racing it is valuable and show how close the racing is. Hopefully we can get them on the WA sharpies site.

A great big thanks to MOFSC, their staff and volunteers, in particular, the Olsens and Trevor Date for taking most of the work off the association.

Thanks to the sailors and the WASSA committee along with a big welcome to Kim Taylor into the treasurer's role. For those that have not completed or paid your entries pay your fees this week or face the wrath of Kim Taylor. or worse.

Looking ahead there are a few boats talking about heading to Tassie for the Nationals. Dates have been altered a little: Dec 31th for measuring, with the regatta finishing on Friday the 8th of Jan.

My 'coaster maths' show a container is still the best option rather than towing a single boat. Double trailers may work. There is no height limit on the ferry but they punish you for length. I think “we” (ie: all of us) need to plan ahead as a group, as it is an expensive trip but in my opinion a great place visit and one of the most world’s most challenging places to sail, not to mention a great place to holiday.

Craig Mann

WA Sharpies set course for a big weekend for the WA State Titles!

31 January - 1 February 2015 at Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club

The weather looks light and variable again so everyone is in with a chance. Vern and his team of moth magicians must be considered favourites to take out an unprecedented three peat. Dave Meehan on Vita Brevis and Mandurah local Ash Gayboy Gabrielson skippering Bullit are strong contenders with plenty of local knowledge in the kit. Two weeks of Tasar sailing should have both of the in peak performance. Could the fickle conditions play into the Busso boy’s hands as they are constantly sailing in this shifty of shore pattern? The dark horse is heavy weather specialist no turned light weather Guru Graham Keys who appears to have SBD Drilling tuned perfectly in the light stuff. He and the boys put on a clinic last Sunday at MBSC with a massive win in the light and variable easterly.

One thing is certain the beer will taste great as the sun sets on Saturday evening and there will be a winner Sunday afternoon.

Craig Mann
President WASSA

December 2014 racing in the West...

The East Freo boys were quick around the track and into the bar on Saturday.
Renners lead the fleet, good to see Dave Lightfoot on the water and in good form.

Matt Jahn had a couple of hot shot FX girls on Origami and they were really flying downhill. Just goes to show those extra KGs really hurt in marginal conditions, not to mention adding in some talent. In the end the tight shy across the club was a bit much for the flee weights and the grunt of 3 solid blokes (Mona, and I use the term blokes loosely) slipped by for the win. The star of the day was Chris Bell, scorching around the course with a couple of teenagers on board. Busso report on Facebook page.

Origami Underwear

As the George Laurens Trophy has not showed up in WA, Trevor Date made a
substitute trophy. This will be sent over to NSW with the other WA national trophies. The trophy is awarded to the first non State Team representative on handicap.

Trevore is understandably very happy with the way it has turned out. A photo taken by Lou Hollis of one of the starts off Mounts Bay at the last Nationals was traced off by hand (boat numbers removed so that it doesn't date), then printed onto 6mm float glass, then built into a WA jarrah timber trophy and varnished. No engraving plates have been allowed for as it will depend on what the National Sharpie Committee decides to do with it. Trevor (and the Association) are still hoping that the original George Laurens Trophy will turn up.

George Laurens Sharpie Trophy

WA State selection heats at East Fremantle - 22 November 2014

What a cracker of a weekend! On Saturday we had two state selection heats at East Fremantle. Once again the rules, or lack of adherence altered the results significantly and created plenty of lawn and bar talk. Seven boats (all EFYC) hit the Reach in a light to moderate, puffy and fickle seabreeze.

Race One: Byron was dominant and led the fleet for most of the race, cruising to a comfortable win.
Swanny and Vern were OCS, Mona, All Scoobed and Vicious were DSQ for sailing through the start line during the race. That left the All Girl Crew on the Cows to take out second.

Race Two: Swanny and Byron streeted the field with Swanny grabbing the chocolates on the finish line.  The rest were a rabble..... All Scoobed grabbing third from slow-finishing Mona, Blatantly Obvious, Cows and Kurt, who was still miffed at Swanny and some issue with buoy room during the race. The chatter continued for some time both on the lawn and in the bar.
It is obvious from the sailing this season that not a lot of attention is being paid to the rules, sailing instructions or course sheets. Back to school for most I believe as the 1980s rules are very different to the 2014 version we now sail under.

MBSC Update

Bullit put in a clinic in a breeze that built all afternoon - 15-18 knots to maybe a gust of 22 knots late in the day. Ash, Lewie and Grinder were the only boat set up well off the start and the race was over  after 3 minutes. Gordo and Wise Magic did well to hold the gap for most of the race until Bullit put the foot down in the bay and doubled her lead. Keysie had a few good reaches but still lacks speed up hill in anything over 15 knots. Hutch, Karina and Stanas in the Black boat tipped over twice on the way to the start and were two minutes after the gun, but stayed hard on Mainy’s stern until the latter stuffed up a kite-set and tested the depth of Melville Water, taking a few water samples for DEC in the process. There was plenty of healthy banter at the bar later, with Ash offering some Pearls of Wisdom to those prepared to listen.

See you on the water.

GBYC Update

Saturday (22 Nov 2014) saw a breeze of around 10 to 12 knots from the WNW with it tipped to strengthen throughout the day. 

Off the line Amber Dreams and Suicide Blonde were neck and neck with about the same speed and height. Half way up the first work it became clear that it would be a two boat race.  At the top mark snow rounded cleanly whilst suicide got tangled with a keel boat who was on port but wouldn't make the mark if he tacked so didn't enforcing the three ton rule
This let snow and co get a lead but good rides on the second reach were spoiled by Suicide going in at the drop dropping back by 5 minutes.  Not much changed until the gybe mark of the last triangle when snow made a rare mistake thinking he had rounded the wrong mark.  Dropping his kite they tacked back towards Suicide only to find out that his mistake was a mistake and wasn't wrong after all. This closed the first two boats back to about 30 seconds at the bottom mark. Greg on the wire called that out to sea was the go - Wrong!!!

Rounding the top mark for the last time and Suicide had a cracker ride and chopped Amber Dreams’ lead to almost nothing only to be undone by the same keel boat as the first mark who had now a good grasp of the rules forcing Suicide to go under them allowing Amber Dreams a comfortable win by around 2 minutes - well done lads.
The tree of knowledge was open for a few beers then to the bar


.... read more about WA sharpies on their Facebook page 

For those intending to compete in Sydney, December 2014, please flag your intentions. I have pricing on a 20 and 40 footer, however masts do not fit in a 20. Talks have begun on sharing container space with another class, as always first in best dressed.

One weekend before...WA Sharpies reported on a fantastic atmosphere at Mounts Bay after a short race series. Heaps of boats on the water including a rash of Tasars, great live music, the Oppie Bar doing its thang, woodfired pizzas, kids mucking around on the lawn - Mounts Bay at its best.

Congratulations to the organisers on a great day. Good to see the premiere fleet - sharpies - putting on a performance, with bonus return appearance of The yellow boat with up and coming juniors on board with Chris Bell. Well done fellas. The President's report will be posted soon.

Previously in WA....

EFYC had nine - that’s correct nine boats - on the water, with fierce racing on the water. My spy, Brendon Green tells me Vern got the chocolates with a mad Croatian in the bow from a fast finishing Vicious and it was bumper cars for third a very close finish. Great to see a resurgence in the fleet at EFYC with an almost all-girl crew out on the water, Matty J can go both ways!!!

Young Captain Jack on all Scoobed Out sailed at MBSC on Sunday and looks to be finding his way quite nicely. A little swim with a minute to go before race three slowed them down a bit. Keep it up lads great to see.

MBSC had seven boats on the water, Bullit was a late roll out with Matt Jahn making a guest appearance in the bow. Keysie had a new wireman and showed great promise, Humdinger had rigging issues and the blustery conditions saw them retire early, Kiss my Trannie sank again, the leak in the bow still not fixed, Mainie had a new bee on board and did well other than a long swim in race one and Impact had a Dr from the UK on board that had rarely been on the trapeze in a competitive mode. He did well however we called it a day early when his left knacker was "gently" crushed in the harness and the pitch in his voice raised to that of a member of the Vienna boys choir. Rule number one secure all valuable items before heading onto the water. The Southerly breeze and short race format was fantastic fun with the breeze switching direction and intensity providing plenty of passing lanes.


July 2014 - WA held their AGM on 29 June at East Freo. Craig Mann returned as President and lots of good discussion was had about ways to make the class even better ...

April 2014 - At MBSC we welcomed Kiss My Transom back to the fleet. Daties speech at Walpole inspired a couple of lads to buy one of his previous boats and we are delighted they have chosen to sail at Mounts.

Sunday was Club Heat 6 and what a race. Little more than a minute separated the first three boats for most of the day. Bullit and Perth Pathology are fighting it out for championship honours, so there was a bit of match racing going on.

Bullit lead at Club with Vanquish and Perth Path a couple of boat lengths behind. Both took the high road and sailed around the leader with Vanquish having a good 30 second lead approaching Deepwater. The excitement of leading was too much for the excitable Pete Ivanac and he headed of to the near by Bond Spit. This slip allowed Perth Path to take the lead. A minute further back Wise Magic, Keysie and Black Sun.

The lead changes a few times. After some great work off the wind by the Bullit crew to grab the lead, stand in skipper Craig Mann made a costly error of not covering Perth Path's westerly dig as they rounded Addison the last time and surrendered a boat length lead. Vanquish had made big gains and by inner Dolphin all three boats were within a few seconds of each other.

Sadly Vanquish failed to make the tight reach to uni and dropped out of the tussle. Bullit kept the pressure on and almost drew level with Perth path with 500 meters to the finish however the Perth Path boys squeezed the life of the old girl to take the chocolates, a well deserved win that keeps the results up in the air for race 7.

Two weeks of sailing to go. Remember the final closing day is Saturday 12th of April and will be a Hawaiian theme. Lets have a good roll out and celebrate a good season.

Craig Mann

WA video trailer for the 71st Nationals - 2013/14

Peter Chappell brings the Lizard in first and takes out the National Championship!

The 2013/14 Gage Roads Nationals has drawn to a close with some great results. With most WA boats cobbling crews together in very last minute fashion the results in claiming three of the top four places, lots of boats filling the top 15 and sweeping most of the handicap results was fantastic. Massive congrats to The Lizard, Bullit, The Blatantly Obvious Crew and Blind Date.

Thanks to our main sponsors,
- Gage Roads
- Snap West Perth
- Yes Loans
- Dorsogna
- MBSC for the facilities etc etc etc

WA President Craig Mann's feeling after the regatta is that enthusiasm is high and rather than a big post nationals hang over we have momentum to consolidate, attract new sailors to build numbers.

Thanks to all for pulling together and assisting during the regatta, measuring went smoothly, the nightly activities rolled along nicely and presentation night after a very slow start almost made our target of 200.

Craig Mann

Photos of teh 71st Nationals (2012-13) available on the WA sharpies site
Results and videos also available now

Contacts for WA Sharpies:

President: Craig Mann Mob: 0427 266 265
Vice President: Gordon Mckercher Mob: 0417 911 311
Treasurer: Peter Ivanac Mob: 0411 887 308
Secretary: Neil Stanbury Mob: 0413 701 357
Measurer: David Meehan Mob: 0421 765 601
Media Officer: Rhyss Edwards Mob: 0407 080 251

2013 WA State Titles - provisional results, full report and photos now available.

WA's photographer out on the water off Freemantle Sailing Club to capture all the action of the 2013 WA state titles ... see the photos



ABLETT - Eric Ablett, long time sharpie sailor and supporter, passed away last Saturday 1 March at Batemans Bay. He had attended the recent Perth Carnival to connect with old mates and support son Chris and grandson Marc. He was a Life Member of the WA Association. As Lou Hollis says: "Sharpie Heaven has a new resident".

Eric Ablett with son Chris and Grandson Marc

Eric Ablett, with son Chris and grandson Marc, at the 71st Sharpie Nationals in Perth.
(Photo courtesty Lou Hollis).

JAMIESON (John Andrew)
Passed away Cairns Base Hospital 31.1.13. Dearly loved son of Andy and Audrey (dec). Loved brother of Maxine and Scott and the most cherished father of Kate and Andrew. RIP.... read more


Chappell Secures WA Sharpie State Championships

A fantastic weekend of Sharpie sailing hosted by Mounts Bay Sailing Club ended with fitting results. Twenty boats competed providing good competition in the light variable breezes.... read more

WA sharpies at the 69th Nationals in Queensland

An average sailor looks at sailing the 2011/12 Sharpie Nationals… When the opportunity came up to sail the nationals with Pete Cuthbert on Suicide Blonde I was quite excited and thought it was a great opportunity to sail on a good boat in a national fleet competition. I had never sailed in Queensland before so was looking forward to the warm winds and waters ... read more.

Sharpies take out the 2011 Cock of the Canning

The 2011 Cock of the Canning hosted by the Shelley Sailing Club saw the Lightweight Sharpie “Road Kill” WA 803 a clear winner. The annual event which was held on 20 March showcases a mixed fleet of boats racing from the club located on the Canning River in Perth’s southern suburbs downriver to the Mount Henry Bridge and then back upriver to the Shelley Bridge and return.... read more

2011 Western Australian State Titles

February 12, Saturday saw Peter Chappel in the Lizard a little below brilliant, by the Sunday he was on fire... read more

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